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Davion Austin Thomas

All About DAT Convo

DAT Convo creates positive spaces where individuals are inspired to get involved in conversations they can actually benefit from. Our engagements are not speeches or monologs, we facilitate conversations. Conversations that are educational, entertaining and engages ours audiences like no other. 

Davion A. Thomas; founder of DAT Convo, Lincoln University of MO graduate, Mississippi native, Army Officer, Motivator,  Coach, Trainer and Keynote Speaker.


DAT Convo

Delivering Awareness Through Conversation

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Leadership Development

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Effective Presentation Building

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Keynote Speaking

Meaningful & Memorable


Thank You DAT Convo.  My presentation would have be nothing with your help and guidance.  My original presentation was extremely amateurish, your help gave my presentation the professionalism it so desperately needed.  Thank you so much for all you did for me, your expertise speaks for itself.

Kelli Todd

Thank You DAT Convo for your help on my speech. DAT Convo helped me step out of my comfort zone and speak to my audience at a whole new level. DAT Convo  allowed me to us my interpersonal skills and put a spin on them, which kept the audience guessing and their attention.

Kat Langley


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